Are you sick to the back teeth of all the utter horseshit that gets spewed by marketers and the business community as a whole?​

I know I am. The business community is full of shit, and those leading the charge will want you to pay them for the privilege of them spewing their utter crap.

It’s time to cut the shit and get to the nitty-gritty of running a business. Yes, it’s hard work, and no, it’s not remotely glamorous. But business is business.

There are no cuddles and congratulations, just you out in the world solving problems and fending for yourself.

There’s no hand-holding and cuddles here, just me cutting through all the bullshit. It’ll be quite a ride. Have you buckled up?

I won’t be pulling any punches, dressing anything up, or cuddling you because you can’t be arsed to do the work. If you want success in your business, it takes work. A lot of work. Hard graft is the only true medicine.

That’s not to say that I encourage you to work yourself to death, not at all. I don’t believe the hustle-and-grind culture is anything short of complete nonsense, either. There’s a healthy but hard middle ground to reach, and that’s the magic spot.

Want help with your business from me?

I’m a copywriter by trade. I write for blogs, emails, social media, ads, articles for print, and so on.

If you want to talk to me about writing for you, then you need to head over to the Ad-Venture Copywriting website.

I also coach business owners, mostly small business owners, helping them to avoid burnout and manage their time and energy more effectively. At its most basic, I help them to cope with the stresses of running a small business.

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