Copywriting formula – a structured approach to saying exactly what you mean.

When writing copy for your business, your aim should be to educate, inspire, share stories and post valuable, relevant content. However, that’s not what I am here to help you with today.

Today I am going to help you to write copy that will enable you to sell your services.

There are many copywriting formula for many different goals, but by far one of the simplest and most effective is the copywriting formula: P.A.S




Start by laying out what the “Problem” is. The more vividly emotional the description of the problem, the more it feels to the reader as if you are tapping into their own internal conversation; this creates an element of trust as it feels personal to them.

Next comes “Agitation”. You need to dive a little deeper into the emotional component, the aim of this is to create an emotional response, to create some urgency around the problem, and motivate them to want to do something about it. Be careful not to agitate too much, though; you don’t want your reader to wallow and end up stuck in the moment.

Finally, we come to “solution”.

This is where you save the day by revealing a solution, your solution. If you have uncovered the problem and agitated effectively, then when you deliver your solution (Lessons, and so on) you become emotionally entwined in their problem and positioned as almost a hero in their hearts.

Include some instruction on what the reader needs to do next to be able to take you up on your offer. This part is your call to action. It can be as simple as “send me a message”, or, “comment such and such”, whatever it is just make sure it is a simple and easy process for them so you can catch them while they are engaged and in the right mindset.

This formula is as simple as simple could be, but it is very effective. Using it will help you to show your high level of empathy. It will show your audience that you understand and can relate to their pain, as well as highlight you as the ideal solution for them.

Try it out this week, then reply to this email comment with what you come up with. Let me know how it goes for you.

Ad-Venture – helping you write better copy with simple but effective copywriting formula

Ad-Venture is a copywriting agency, but it’s not just any old copywriting agency- it’s mine.

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I have written for some incredible brands in my time in all manner of different niches. My copy has contributed to selling hundreds of thousands of pounds of products and services.

I’m not cheap, but I am very good at what I do and worth every penny.

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