How much woo-woo stuff do you engage in? Do you find yourself trying to manifest wealth or meditate your way to success? What about vision boards? Do you spend countless hours cutting pictures of mansions and sports cars and sticking them on a notice board? Do you spend your time looking at things you want and dreaming about what it would be like to have them?

It’s quite popular in the world at the moment. All this manifesting wealth and success is really quite uncomfortably popular. And while it’s all well and good and it has its place, it won’t actually help push you towards success. It won’t create any wealth for you. You can’t manifest wealth. You can’t sit and think about what it would feel like to have a million in the bank and expect it just to appear. 

Manifestation can create motivation but you cannot manifest wealth from thin air

There is a place for those things, if you can use them to help you set a goal and then you go and work on that goal, you actually put the work in, then it can be useful. However, for most people it is an unnecessary extra step. For some it is required to motivate them to get going, to make that plan, and start putting that plan into action. But, the manifestation itself does nothing for you. 

The idea that you can sit there and dream about wealth and that will make it happen is preposterous. And I’m so sick of hearing about manifesting wealth and success. If you want to ‘manifest’ wealth and success, then do some damn work. Find a problem that you can solve, a group of people that are willing to pay you for a solution to that problem, and provide them with that solution. And you rinse and repeat that action

Manifestation can change your mindset around wealth but it will never create it

If you have a poor relationship with money, then manifestation can be of some benefit. It can help you change the way you think about money and It can change the way you feel about money. If you feel like you don’t deserve success, then it can be helpful. However, I would wager that you don’t feel like you don’t deserve success. In fact, I would wager that very few people in this world truly feel like they don’t deserve some measure of success. So I don’t agree that manifesting is even remotely useful for most people, for most of us is a completely nonsensical way to spend your time. It offers no value whatsoever and is a distraction from doing the work.

The idea that you can manifest wealth is nothing but a fashion statement 

Manifestation is really popular in the world at the moment. I totally get that there are people that are really successful who will tell you that they have manifested success, but they are not being completely honest with you. They may have thought about what it would be like to be successful, but that’s not what made them successful. What made them successful was doing the work. It was finding a problem to solve and coming up with a solution for that problem, as well as finding people that would be willing to pay for that solution. 

Elon Musk hasn’t reached the heights that he has reached by ‘manifesting’ wealth and success, dreaming and meditating. He has worked harder than basically anyone in the world has worked before. Jeff Bezos did not sit and meditate his way to being one of the wealthiest people in the world, he worked relentlessly. Bill Gates did not achieve the enormous success that he did through manifestation. He put the work in. Warren Buffett did not achieve the success he has achieved by dreaming. He achieved that success by doing the work by implementing thoughtful action to propel him towards his goals.

There is no course on how to manifest wealth that is anything other than total BS

Next time you see someone offering you a workshop or a course in all the woo-woo stuff, manifesting, vision boards, or whatever it may be, leave that shit alone. It is not going to help you right now, so stop wasting time and money on their nonsense. Find a problem that you can solve, people that are willing to pay for the solution that you come up with, and keep doing it. 

Once you have achieved some measure of success, once you’ve achieved some measure of wealth, you can then start to free up time to engage in all the BS you like but until then you have work to do.

Success is the dream, never the result of it

All the daydreaming in the world isn’t going to make success happen for you. You need to take action, you need to set a plan, you need to execute the plan, and then you need to assess the results. Most importantly, you keep going. It is a constant cycle. 

The more success you achieve the more problems you face, which is not a bad thing. It just means you have more problems to solve which means you have more scope for increasing your wealth and your success. 

Put the BS crystals down and step away from the seller of woo-woo nonsense

Stop wasting time on Crystal bullshit healing or whatever it may be. You can’t manifest your way to success, your star sign or whatever bullshit has no impact on your success, It doesn’t matter how many ridiculous crystals you’ve been mugged off for and have surrounded yourself with. None of those things have any impact on your ability to succeed. 

In reality it is much worse than they won’t help you, I would wager that actually they hinder your ability to succeed because they remove personal responsibility from the equation. You, and You alone, are responsible for your success. 

Personal responsibility creates success

So if you want to achieve some measure of success, if you want to elevate your position, then you need to take responsibility. You need to put in the work, create a plan, and execute. Personal responsibility really is the magic ingredient. You are responsible for yourself, your life, your business, and the results you achieve. You bear that responsibility alone. There are people that can help direct you but they cannot do the work for you.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you manifesting wealth into your life is anything other than a cheap pick-me-up

If doing all the woo-woo stuff makes you feel better, then by all means make time for those things because feeling better and feeling good is important too. But don’t confuse yourself into thinking that it’s going to have any impact whatsoever on your actual success because it won’t. It has zero impact. Manifesting does not create success, it does not increase success, and it certainly doesn’t create wealth. 

Having your head in the clouds instead of putting your feet on the cold, hard ground is not beneficial. People will often talk to you about dreaming big, especially those that have achieved enormous success. They would tell you to dream big and I agree. You absolutely should dream big. You should have big, audacious goals but you need to be level headed about it. 

It is time to stop trying to manifest wealth and success and start doing the work

You need to have those goals but then you need to come up with a plan that’s actually going to move you towards them. The goals alone don’t do a goddamn thing. No amount of crystals and chanting, or whatever it is, is going to change that. What will change is that you doing the work. 

So you have that big audacious goal, which is fantastic. Now, you need to go and do the work required to push you forward, to create forward momentum in your life. That forward momentum is what makes you happy. The forward momentum is what makes that dream, that big and audacious goal, something that is actually possible. Something that is achievable, something that you can actually work for, or work towards. 

Stop diminishing your personal responsibility and blaming your bullshit on your star sign

If you believe in those things and you feel like I am talking out of my arse then by all means test it. Spend the next 30 days dreaming about what it would be like to be successful and wealthy then come back here and tell me just how you managed to feed your family of dreams and fairytales. Or, be smart about it and recognise it as the bullshit that it is and leave the woo-woo stuff alone. Stop diminishing your personal responsibility. You, and you alone, are responsible for your success, wealth, achievement, and happiness. If you want wealth, do the work. If you want to achieve something, do the work. If you want success, do the work. It is really that simple.

Success, freedom, it’s all the same

As human beings we place great value on the concept of freedom. Personal freedom is not quite how it first appears. Personal freedom doesn’t mean your life is a doddle and you no longer have to do anything for yourself. Personal freedom is about being able to choose your hard. I have previously written about personal freedom, something which you can find here

If you would like to talk 1 on 1 about how you can go about acquiring some wealth and success in your life then send me a message via social media or on my company website and we can have a chat about what you want and the lengths you are willing to go to achieve it. You can send me a message here

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