This is a Friday roundup. A little look into our world. A snapshot in time.

Before we get into that, let us tell you why we want to do a roundup.

It is not to gloat, boast, or do anything that ridiculous.

It is to show you that everything is a work in progress. Every action we take as human beings exposes us to new situations and sensations; it is from this exposure that we learn and grow.

Not only that, it is good to reflect. It is through reflection that we learn to temper our emotional response to future situations and gain objectivity on the past.

Time has flown by this week, we can’t believe it’s Friday already. It’s almost like it’s a race except there is no finish line. There have been a few good moments this week:

We have been putting the work in, trying to grow our audience on social media. We have had to start from zero, as everybody does, but we have made some progress.

The email list has grown nicely, and we look forward to a great deal more growth in the future.

We got to see some of our copy in the wild performing well; for us as copywriters, this was definitely the highlight.

As well as those wonderful moments there were also some technical issues that caused a bit of a headache but, touch wood, we are confident that they have been resolved.

So that’s how our week has gone. It’s been good but not without its hiccups. Technical problems are a pain, but they are something we all experience.

How has your week been for you and your business? Jump in the comments and give us your weekly roundup.

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