How early do you get up? Do you think that in any way impacts your ability to be successful? Have you heard of the so-called 5 am club? 

They are people who get up really early and bitch, whine, and complain about people that don’t get up at the crack of dawn. They shame people that don’t get up early because they seem to think that they’re more successful because they started the day earlier. But that’s not true. 

What time you get up is irrelevant, bollocks to the 5am club.

What matters is what you do when you get up.

As a business owner, you will have certain goals that you need to meet. And one of those goals will likely be around sales, you will have sales calls of some kind to do. So the people that you are calling, where are they? Are they in the same country as you? The same timezone as you? Or are they overseas?

I personally deal with people all around the world. I think, apart from Antarctica, I’ve worked with people from every continent on Earth. So that’s meant, over the years, I’ve had to be quite adaptive with my routine. Some days I have to stay up late to make those calls and some days, I have to get up early to make those calls. And some days, if I’m really lucky, I can just get up at my regular time.

Sleep is important. Really important. 

But you don’t need me to tell you that. You don’t need a scientific study to highlight the benefits of sleep, you just intrinsically know that you need it. If you prevent yourself from getting sleep for long enough then your body just forces it upon you anyway. Not that I’m suggesting you do that. I’m merely highlighting that you already understand that sleep is mega important.

With that in mind, If you get up early then, in theory at least, you should be going to bed early. It’s not at all unreasonable. All these people talking about staying up till one in the morning and then getting up at five in the morning. They’re not more successful than you, they are not achieving more than you, all they are doing is making themselves ill. Very ill, actually. No good comes from the 5 am club.

They are shortening their lifespan because they’re not getting enough sleep. You intrinsically know that you need to eat, you need to sleep, and you need to drink. We all have basic functions that keep you alive and if you don’t perform them, you die, it’s that simple. But you know that already.

So if you get shamed by a member of the so-called 5 am Club, do try and remember that you’re going to live longer than that person. Therefore, you have more time. You have more scope for success and there’s less of a rush. 

Hustle hard, or at least yell at people on Facebook about it and being part of the 5 am club

That person who is staying up until midnight and then getting up at five in the morning, they’ll be dead soon. There is absolutely a rush for those people to achieve success. But when they do, they’re going to drop like flies and they won’t be around to enjoy that success. So it will have been a complete and total waste of time. But that’s not your problem, that’s on them. 

What is your problem is what you do, how you conduct yourself. What really matters over all things is what you do when you get up. Are you putting in the graft? Are you working hard on the right things? Do you have a routine that sets you up for success? Are you getting in all the required components for a good life? Are you making time for your loved ones? Are you, with every step you take, moving closer to your goals?

That’s what matters. Not what time you get up. The 5am Club are just wankers because most of those people are not even doing work when they get up at that time. They’re not hitting the gym, they’re not doing anything productive, they just sit about on Facebook shaming people and yelling about, “look at how early I get up”. 

The 5 am club swinging their metaphorical dick around in the digital space while doing nothing that moves them towards their goals. 

They are not achieving a goddamn thing. They can’t make any sales calls or do anything productive until 8am or 9am because their customers aren’t up until 8am or 9am. Even if they are, they certainly don’t want to listen to those dickheads at that time in the morning.

I Myself tend to get up quite early, around 4 maybe 5 am most days because that is what time I naturally wake up but, only if I’ve gone to bed early which I do most of the time. I’m certainly not part of the 5am Club, that’s for sure. 

I get up early because I’ve gone to bed early and when I get up, I spend some time staring at a cup of coffee blankly until my brain turns itself on. Oh, and I have some breakfast. For the first hour, at least, I don’t do anything productive. What would be the point when my brain feels like it’s been run over that point?

Around 6 am is when I start to do things that I would consider productive. It’s when I do creative things, it’s when I do admin type stuff, and it’s when I do the minor essential things to set me up for my day. 

Some days, because I’ve stayed up later, I get up later. 

So that means my time that I start doing stuff that I would consider productive, or the minor background stuff and the creative stuff is later. When that happens, it has zero impact on my ability to be productive that day. I don’t achieve less because my days moved to a slightly different time.

I’m still up for the same amount of time, I still put the same amount of effort in, I still get the same amount of stuff done. What time I get up to do those things is irrelevant.

When I was younger, I was a night owl. My natural rhythm was to be more productive at night. So when I ran my web development business, I did most of my work at night because that’s what worked for me. That doesn’t mean that I was part of some ridiculous 5am Club, or whatever, It just means that I accepted that I’ve got to do what works for me. So I did. And it did work for me, my web development business was successful. 

Be self aware enough to figure out what works best for you

But now what works for me is getting up early and going to bed early. Figure out what works for you. All of these people that shame you because you don’t do what they do can go and eat a big old bag of dicks. 

They have no idea what they’re talking about and they are less productive than anybody because they waste all their time yelling at everybody else. “Look at what I do and how special I am.” 

But nobody gives a shit, not about them or about what they do. Their business isn’t successful, their life isn’t successful, they are a joke. So don’t be like them. Don’t be a joke.

That level of self awareness requires reflection and deep thought, something I talk about in this post 

If you would like some help to figure this stuff out then send me an email. Head over to the contact page of my company website to do so

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