What do 50 Cent, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, and Tony Robbins all have in common? What about Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos? And what about Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, and Steve Jobs? What about anyone else who has achieved success? What secret to success do they have?

The thing that those people all have in common is, none of them can do anything that you can’t do. They all have the same opportunities, the same skills, the same everything that you do. Also, they were born into the same world, but they have achieved enormous levels of success. 

They didn’t have some mystical power to do so, they didn’t have a big old helping hand, a silver spoon, if you will. 

For the success they have, what did they have to achieve it? What was/is their secret to success?

What is it that they have that, maybe, you don’t. Or at least don’t yet. It’s not a special skill, It’s not help that isn’t readily available to you, and It’s not a special education, reserved only for the future successful people.

Their secret to success is vision. 

They had a vision for their future. That vision evolved and changed over time. But it existed, all the same. 

Their vision was the embodiment of their aspirations. And it was completely separate from their expectations. Which is something that a lot of people get mixed up.

For some reason, reasons that are unknown to me, people think that your vision has to be in line with your expectations. But that is not true. 

Your vision needs to be big and bold and grandiose, your vision needs to exceed your current means, and your vision needs to be as big and bad as it can possibly be. 

Your expectations on the other hand, need to be tempered, they need to be trained, and they need to be aligned with your reality. 

More than zero

People will often tell you to have zero expectations. And for the most part I agree. However, I don’t think it’s completely advisable to have zero expectations. I think your expectations should be aligned with your reality. 

What have you got right now, how can you leverage it? And, what would the result likely be? 

Your expectations and your aspirations (your vision), are not the same thing. They are not connected in any way, shape, or form. 

Your vision is what will drive you and push you to change your reality. With every push towards the culmination of your vision comes a small, minor change to your reality. Which in turn, has an impact on your expectations. To move forward in this world you need to have a grand vision, otherwise, you end up just staying where you are; You achieve stagnation. That is the real secret to success.

Stagnation is hard work

You will use just as much energy maintaining a state of stagnation, as you will pushing towards what seems like an impossible goal. Pushing towards achieving your vision. 

The gap between your expectation and your vision creates hunger, it creates necessity, and it puts a fire in your belly. It is the fuel to keep going. It is the very thing that will ensure that even if you don’t ever quite achieve your aspiration, you will always exceed your expectation. 

Dream big. Always. 

Grant Cardone would tell you to 10X your dreams. 50 cent would tell you to be passionate, fiery and relentless in pursuit of your dreams. Gary Vee would tell you that your dreams are all that really matters. Bill Gates would tell you that your dreams can change the world. Warren Buffett would tell you that your dreams have already changed the world, your world. Tony Robbins would tell you that your dreams are the very thing that will make your reality livable. 

They all dream big. Every single one of them. They wouldn’t be where they are without it. Their continued success depends entirely upon it. 

The hunger that you see in those people comes from necessity, that necessity is created through those dreams. 

Your aspirations and your hopes for your future, they will change as your reality improves. So will your perception of the world around you and your perspective on your aspirations and what’s important to you. So your dreams, your aspirations, your vision will change. And that’s fine, that’s normal, that’s healthy. 

Nobody really chooses death, do they?

One thing you can never allow to happen is for your dreams, your vision, to die. When that happens, you die. Not in a physical sense, of course, but mentally and emotionally. 

When you have lost your vision. You are dying. That is the end of you. The end of what makes you who you are. It is the end of your journey as a living, breathing, and useful human in this world. 

Don’t allow yourself to die, through submission. 

Always push, always grow, always strive, and be relentless. There will be people in your life. That won’t share your vision. In fact, hardly anybody will share your vision. And that’s okay. 

It’s okay for them not to share your vision, but it’s not okay for them to stifle it and beat it out of you. And the only time that ever happens is if you let it. 

So when you’re told, “No, no, stop doing that, stop dreaming, stop hoping, just go to work and do the thing every day”, just remember that while that may come from a good place, a place of good intentions, and from people that care for you. Remember that it is not the right thing for you to do. And, it will never be the right thing for you to do.

The right thing is nearly always the hard thing. 

There’s nothing easier than giving up upon your aspirations. So do the right thing, and strive for a better Life, A better existence, an existence closer to what you dream about, to what you aspire to be. 

Always keep pushing. Otherwise you will never progress.

Here’s another ‘secret to success’ to be shared

None of those people gained success by joining an online community or Facebook group (see my post here for what I think about those -> https://mybizacademy.co.uk/online-business-community-the-reality

They achieved success by doing the work, even when it seemed like it was getting them nowhere. They took their vision and applied hard work.
If you are struggling to see what your vision really is then send me a message on my company website and we can have a chat and coax it out of you. Only when the vision is clear can you get to work on making it a reality. https://mikethebizguy.co.uk/Contact

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