Let’s talk about fear. 

Fear is something that we all feel. It has kept you alive, prevented you from hurting yourself, and so on. When we enter the entrepreneurial space, we get told by coaches, consultants, and mentors that we need to let go of our fears, that we need to ignore them, and just take the leap. 

I call bullshit on such scenarios. 

Fear is an important aspect of your personality. It’s an important part of your decision-making process. It is something that is designed to keep you alive, it’s designed to keep you from harm, so why would you ignore that?

There are times when fear holds you back. Absolutely. But most people are not so riddled with fear that it prevents them from taking steps to better their life. 

We may have moments of worry but, more often than not, we are of sound mind enough to make the decision that’s right for us. 

Just say fuck it

When you enter the entrepreneurial space, you will be told by coaches and mentors and consultants and alike to just say, fuck it, and do it. To leap without looking, let go of the fear. 

All of that is such bollocks. It doesn’t serve you. Yes, there are times where such a mentality will help you take a big step forward but, as we all know, success is a cumulative effect. A compound effect, if you will. 

Such big leaps forward are generally not what’s needed. It’s little steps that we need to take. And we need to take them often. Not one giant step that’s exhausting and overwhelming. 

Don’t make an emotional decision

It is my experience that if you have to say to yourself, “fuck it,” and just do it, you are more than likely making the wrong decision. If you have to throw logic out the window and make a decision based solely on emotion (and make no mistake about it saying fuck it and doing it is an emotional response) then you are more than likely making the wrong decision. 

You are not making a smart decision. In my lifetime, I’ve been in situations and circumstances where fear has been the very thing that has kept me alive. 

Fear enabled me to make the right decisions. It is what has ensured that I can be here today to tell you about it. 

Fear is one of our most important responses. 

Fear is not weighed down by other things. It is something that is designed to protect you and to keep you safe, It is not designed to limit you, restrict you, or prevent you from bettering your life, and It is designed to protect you from harm. 

If you enter into a situation where you have a decision to make and you are frightened then, before you decide whether to say fuck it and do it or not, you need to figure out why you feel that way. 

Why you are frightened? What is it that frightens you in that scenario? 90% of the time, that thing that you’re frightened of is perfectly valid. You should be frightened of it. 

Fear is not irrational

A lot of the time, you should listen and accept that it’s not irrational to feel the way you do. It is protecting you and keeping you safe from harm. But, you need to identify exactly where that fear comes from before you make any decisions about it. 

If you do not, then you risk making a terrible choice. You risk causing yourself a great deal of harm and you risk putting yourself in danger. 

Fear is perfectly reasonable. It is logical and it is sensible. The average person does not live in so much fear that they are incapable of making good and sensible decisions. 

Listen to that fear and understand it. Don’t just dismiss it outright.

Stop and check yourself

If you enter into a situation and it doesn’t frighten you then ask yourself, “is this situation truly so mundane that I have no fear and therefore no potential for growth? Or am I miss reading the situation?” 

For your average day-to-day situations, it will be the first option. But every now and then, it will be the second.

Taking time to analyse the situation, as you see it, is a really invaluable and useful tool. 

Yes, there are moments where it, asking the question I mean, will in itself create some fear. But that’s good. That comes with a deeper understanding. Then you need to move on to identifying the cause of that fear and understanding the potential outcomes. Only then can you make the best decision for yourself. 

Your fear should not be dismissed, it needs to be understood.

Fear is not your enemy. Stupidity is your enemy. Dismissing how you feel and how you react to a situation is pretty darn stupid. Fear won’t kill you, quite the opposite in fact. But stupidity, that will put you in the ground.

Don’t exist in a state of stupidity

In those moments where you say, “fuck it,” and just do it, if you haven’t properly analysed the situation and understood why you are feeling fear then, quite often, you are making a stupid decision. You are leaning towards stupidity. 

And you, my friend, are many things in this world but you are not stupid. 

You are an intelligent, emotional being 

Recognise that your fear is important and needs to be understood. Apply your intellect, don’t leap without looking. There are no medals, no trophies, and no positive outcomes that come as a result of such actions. 

If you are pushing yourself towards those decisions because you are in a rush to succeed, then recognise that success in itself is a compound effect. A cumulative effect. 

Something, incidentally, that I’ve already written about, if you go to this link https://mybizacademy.co.uk/success-or-achievement-is-a-cumulative-effect you will be able to read about the cumulative effect of success. It is well worth a couple of minutes of your time to read about.

Fear in itself is not a bad thing 

Quite the opposite. It is a wonderful thing. If you feel fear and you analyse why you feel fear, and the reason really is something that can be dealt with or overcome. If you feel the right decision for you is to take that step forward then that fear will keep you sharp. 

As you take that step it will make sure that you are aware, hyper-aware, as you take that step. When you take that step, you are much less likely to take a misstep.

Your fear should not be dismissed. Not ever. Fear is your friend. It protects you. It keeps you safe. Understand it and utilise it, don’t dismiss it. 

The dismissal of fear is just blind stupidity. And that does not help anybody, least of all you.

Seek trusted counsel if you are not sure

If you are unable to see the wood for the trees, as the old saying goes, then it can be useful to talk it out with someone you trust. Just the act of laying it all out, and doing so out loud, can often be enough to help you see sense.

If you don’t have anyone in your world that you are comfortable having that conversation with then hit me up (i.e send me a message) via my company website. You can find the contact page of my company website here https://mikethebizguy.co.uk/Contact 

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