Resilience is the strength to get back up

How strong are you? I’m not talking about physical strength here, I mean, how resilient are you? How thick skinned are you? And, how tough are you? How much resilience do you have?

To be an entrepreneur, to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to toughen up. You need to learn to take the knocks and not be out for the count, you need to learn to keep getting back up, and you need to learn resilience. 

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To learn resilience there is no three day course, no book, no ridiculous fucking retreat where you all go for a wonder through the woods to ‘find yourself’. There is only one way to learn resilience and that is to get put on your ass over and over again and keep getting back up. You keep forcing yourself to get back up. And before you know it becomes second nature and you just get up automatically. You get up without thinking you just do it.

I’m sure you’re hoping for something more along the lines of, buy this book, sign up for this course, come and join me on a retreat, but there is no support that’s going to help you learn resilience. People can tell you, over and over, traits that are common between people that are resilient. But in terms of actually being resilient, you’ve got to get put down so that you can get back up. You can’t learn about it, there is no theory behind it, there is only practice.

Resilience training through action and repetition

Put something out in the world and get laughed at. Learn to take it, develop a thick skin. But don’t be hard, or jaded, just toughen up. And that’s it. You want to be more resilient, and go out in the wild and put yourself over emotionally speaking, of course, if you want to be more resilient and get knocked down. 

Nothing good is learned through comfort. Nothing good is gained from protection. Go out there, bare all to the world and let the world flatten you over and over again. But, keep getting back up. And don’t ever stop getting back up.

Resilience is just how we describe not having a choice

If you feel like not getting back up, remind yourself that you’re a fucking adult and you don’t have a choice. Remind yourself that you’ve got bills to pay, you’ve got kids to feed, you’ve got. Whatever you got, responsibility.Get back up, keep getting back up. 

Yes, life will knock you down. But even if you do nothing, life will continue to knock you down. So what choice do we have as human beings but to keep getting back up?. So if you are concerned that you’re not resilient enough, if you are put off by the fact that things make you want to cry, then remind yourself that shit will happen anyway. Even if you do nothing, shit will happen, and you will still have to force yourself to get back up. That’s just life. We practice this shit every single day. The only time we stopped practising it is when we’re dead. So if you think you’re not resilient enough, remind yourself that you’re not dead yet.

Resilience is taught through hardship

Resilience is learned through hardship and everybody experiences hardship. If you want to be more resilient today than you were yesterday, then embrace hardship rather than run away from it. It’s that simple. Nothing more, nothing less. 

You need to get flattened in the first place, to be able to get back up. Yes, it is uncomfortable, and it’s painful when life steamrolls us. But there is no feeling more glorious than getting back up, than being the underdog and coming back from the brink. To keep getting back up. There is nothing else. 

Courses, books, and retreats

I would love to be able to offer a training course, write a manual, or host a retreat, that would help you to be more resilient. But the fact of the matter remains that the theory means nothing. The only thing that matters is practice. 

You keep getting back up. No ifs, no buts, you just do it. That is the beginning, middle and end of learning to be more resilient. Life flattens you, you get your ass back up. Business and all that comes with it knocks you down, you keep getting back up. Your personal life puts you down, you keep them back up. Anything and everything in this world is trying to put you on the deck, so keep getting back up.

Resilience is a cumulative effect

The cumulative effect is something I have already written about and is well worth a read. Check it out here ->
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