As a busy business owner, you have a lot to worry about. Some might even say too much. I, however, disagree. 

If you are in the ‘too much’ camp then it is quite likely that actually you’re worrying about the wrong things.

Some aspects of life, actually most aspects of life, are completely outside of your control.

Those things, they do not need your worry, your devotion, or dedication. All they need from you is acceptance; understanding and acceptance. And that’s it. The things that you need to worry about are relatively simple

Are you marketing your business properly? 

What I mean by that is, are you sharing your message with the world, or more accurately, your world, the people in your world, the people that you need to sell to. Are you sharing it in such a way that their objections are explained away and understood and their potential resistance is dealt with and so on. 

These are the things that you have to worry about in your marketing. Like I said, that stuff is pretty simple. It is super basic, in fact. 

Then you have sales, scary eh?

People get frightened of the sales aspect and I don’t really know why because your marketing, if done properly, does all the hard work and heavy lifting. When it comes to sales, it is literally talking to the person, or communicating with them in some way, and getting them across the line. 

They already have the information that they need, they already have the objections overcome, and they already have the understanding of what you’re offering them. They get all of that from your marketing. Your sales aspect is very small. What people tend to think about as sales and all those worries they have about sales calls and so on. 99% of that is handled before that point by your marketing, so stop fretting about things that are disconnected from the process. 

If you have to get on a sales call, for instance, it is a quick run through of what the product is and what the client’s needs are so that you can match the two, out loud and together for reassurance. Their objections have already been handled by your marketing. They already understand the product. At this point all they need is a little bit of reassurance and to be told where to send the money and how to do it. That’s it. That’s sales in a nutshell. 

The bane of every busy business owners life

The other thing that you need to worry about as a business owner, that people worry too much about is customer care. 

Yes, you need to make sure that your customer feels good about the process and about what they’ve purchased but, at the same time, if you have over delivered with the product itself then the customer looks after themselves. If everything has gone smoothly, because your marketing has been on point, your sales process was smooth, it was easy and accessible, and the product itself actually does what you say it does, then there isn’t any real need for any extra steps for customer care. Not really. Because the customer cares for themselves at that point. 

You are a busy business owner with very little time

The only time it really matters is when the customer isn’t getting the expected results from it. And that could mean a number of things. It could be that the customer isn’t applying the solution in the correct fashion, it could be that they misunderstood your marketing and so on. Or, it could be that you have inadvertently told them a little fib.

Or something along those lines, in which case, no amount of customer care is really gonna help. Because the customer feels betrayed at that point, they feel lied to. If you look after the customer, i.e provide them with exactly what you said you’re going to provide them with. And, that it’s actually the solution to their problem. And there is no need for extra things to keep the customer satisfied. They have the solution to their problem, that in itself creates satisfaction. 

Too many companies spend too much time and money on customer satisfaction surveys. And such things are a total waste of time. Because their surveys that are done with people that are relatively happy, that have got the solution they require that have felt good about the process all the way along. It’s not people that you missed, people that you couldn’t get across the line, It’s people that are already happy and satisfied. But those people can’t provide you with any useful data. Sure, they can stroke your ego. But that’s not useful. In fact that is a giant waste of time, energy and resources. 

You are a busy business owner but desperately want to improve

If you really want to improve customer satisfaction then you need to find out as much information as you can from the people that you didn’t get to cross the line, you didn’t get to buy that product. 

You need information from them to find out why they bailed out at the last minute, why they didn’t buy the product, why they didn’t apply the solution. That data right there is useful because that data can feed back into the marketing and sales departments of your business and improve those processes, which in turn, improves customer satisfaction. 

If you provide a customer with the solution that they actually need and you do so, in a nice easy fashion that’s accessible for them, then they will come back. They don’t need you to go and give them a cuddle or send them a gift box or any of that nonsense. 

They got what they came to you for a solution to their problem, a problem that they felt was prevalent enough in their life to spend money on finding a solution for. A problem that they felt was enough of an impingement on their life, a hindrance as it were, to actually solve and you came along Mr/Mrs/Whatever white knight and you provided them with that solution. 

You made it easy to understand how and why your solution was the solution for them, you made it easy for them to actually purchase and implement that solution. You made their life more convenient and you solved that problem, so they will come back. They will think of you when they experience that problem again, or another problem that you can solve. 

You want to be the number one busy business owner

You will be the number one in their mind because you haven’t wasted their time with bullshit, you have done exactly what you said you would. And you have done so whilst making their life easier and more convenient. That is what your business needs to focus on, that is how your business will grow and improve. Through improving your marketing, improving your sales, and getting data from the people that you could not get to buy from you. Finding out why they couldn’t buy from you. What made them change their mind, Or say no. 

Go deeper than, “I couldn’t afford it at the time,” because people can find money. So what was the real problem? What was the real reason they didn’t buy from you? 

If you can get that data from those people, then you can bring more people over the line just like them by improving your marketing, by improving and making more convenient, your sales. 

Those are the things that you need to focus on as a business. Those are the things that you need to worry about, nothing else at all. Everything else is outside of your control. But those things, those are under your fine control. So worry about those things and let go of everything else and your business will improve drastically because you will have the data required to make that happen.

True success as a business owner is a cumulative effect

The cumulative effect is something I have already written about and is well worth a read. Check it out here ->
If you are struggling to figure out what is really worth the worry then send me a message on my company website and we can have a chat and get to the bottom of it.

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